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Babies change so much in their first year. From newborns to new walkers, they learn and develop at an amazing rate. This is why they are one of my favorite subject to photograph. Their moments are fleeting and by tomorrow they will have changed in one way or another and I love to capture who they are in that moment. 

My goal in photographing babies is to be located in a familiar location to them to put them at ease, whether that be at your home or at a familiar park. I will use props brought as well as those found in their surroundings to capture natural images of your beautiful babes. 

Newborn sessions allow for portraits of the newborn baby as well as a few shots of the parents/siblings with the newborn. If you would like to do a session more focused on the family, or if your baby is over 8 weeks of age, please book a family or portrait session. 

What age is best for baby pictures?

  •  1-2 weeks - the sweet spot for newborn pictures

  • 0-8 weeks - newborn portraits

  • 2-4 months - monthly checkins (not suggested for full portrait sessions yet)

  • 4-12 months - milestone portrait session

  • 1 year and up - yearly portraits